Pensacola is a unique and gleaming city on the Gulf Coast, unsurpassed in the richness of its history. Flags from several European cultures have flown over our port.  Our civic body today is a synthesis of Native American, European, Latin American, and African and Asian cultures, and we are still growing. Our neighborhoods reflect this living diversity. With nearly a hundred neighborhoods, Pensacola is still on singular city, welcoming and warm.

The Council of Neighborhood Presidents of Pensacola (CNAPP) is platform to share news about Pensacola’s neighborhoods. CNAPP provides various resources for how neighborhoods link together, how they work together, and how they grow together. Practical guides for how to organize and unify a neighborhood; how to write and establish bylaws; who to ask for what; how to contact City officials, neighborhood and civic leaders, and more are only a click away.  We have inspiring stories and photographs to share, ideas to pique your interest, and our ears are open to what you have to contribute. We want to share, but we also want to learn from your experience.