Neighborhood Contacts & Maps

The information below contains the neighborhood, point of contact for that neighborhood, a link to the neighborhoods marketing, and the graphical information system (GIS) map provided by the City of Pensacola.

Additional GIS Information

GIS is an electronic system used to store, process and display geographic information, especially maps. The City of Pensacola uses GoMaps 4.0 as their GIS software. The URL to the City of Pensacola GIS site is; Go Maps

The GoMaps tool is easy to use. If you choose to try it out select Neighborhood Associations at the top of the screen where it says parcels and click within the city limits of where the association is located. You will receive a color coded boundary of the neighborhood as well as a listing of all addresses within the boundary. This list is at the bottom of the screen. If you want the details of this list just click on the export to excel icon. This tool can display neighborhood boundaries, sidewalks, and homeowner information.

Please use the CONTACT US link for questions pertaining to the GIS process and the CNAPP Board will promptly respond to you.

Neighborhoods in Pensacola

Aragon Neighborhood Association, Inc. Stephanie Taylor Aragon
Bayou Breeze Condominium Charles Cross Bayou Breeze
Bayou Lane Estates Homeowners Association, Inc. Judd Skinner Bayou Lane
Bay Winds Condo Association Robert Nogeure Bay Winds
Belmont DeVilliers Neighborhood Association Lloyd Reshard Belmont-Devilliers
Birnam Woods Homeowners Association Patrick Duplantis Birnam Woods
Brittany Forge Homeowners Association Mike Johnson Brittany Forge
Broadview Farms Neighborhood Association Rhonda Yoder Broadview Farms
Brownsville Mike Kilmer Brownsville
Camelot Homeowners Association David Wilson Camelot
Carlton Palms Condominium Sandra Ward Carlton Palms
Cedarview Court Residents’ Association Darlene Babcock Cedarview Court
Charleston Manor Townhouse Association, Inc. Patsy Edwards Charleston Manor
Cordova Estates, First Addition Homeowners Association Paul Tringas Cordova Estates
Cordova Park Neighborhood Association Megan Boone Cordova Park
Cordova Park on the Bayou Paul Epstein
Cordova Place Homeowners Association Dave Clark Cordova Place
Cordova Villas Homeowners Association, Inc. Bud Lovoy Cordova Villas
Dover Landing Homeowners Association Patti Carlin Dover Landing
Enchanting Oaks Homeowners Association Scott Myer Enchanting Oaks
Dunmire Woods Neighborhood Association MaryLou Fisk Dunmire Woods
Eastgate Neighborhood Association Tom Morgan Eastgate
East Hill Neighborhood Association Boyce White East Hill
East Pensacola Heights Preservation Association Adam Cayton East Pensacola Heights
Eastside Jeannie Rhoden
Enclave East Homeowners’ Association Jody Skelton Enclave East
GALA Neighborhood & Lavallet Townhouse Association * GALA & Lavallet
Jefferson Place Residential Homeowners Association, Inc Sharron Terrell Jefferson Place
La Mirage Homeowners Association Susie Bryan La Mirage
Lenox Homeowners’ Association, Inc Carol Carlan Lenox
Long Hollow Neighborhood Association, Inc. Michelle MacNeil Long Hollow
Mallory Heights Neighborhood Association Steve Floyd Mallory Heights
Mirador Condominium Association, Inc. Larry Kuhn Mirador
Montage Homeowners Association Pat Fogg Montage
New Hope Landing Homeowners Association Jerry Hedrick New Hope Landing
Northeast Neighborhood John Jerralds
North Hill Preservation Association Jo MacDonald North Hill
Old East Hill Property Owners Association Pat Meusel Old East Hill
Parker Circle John Phillips Parker Circle
Pickford Homeowner’s Association, Inc. James Kendall Pickford
Pintado Park Association Terry Joseph Pintado Park
Port Royal Owners Association Scot Abel Port Royal
Precinct 50 Neighborhood Association, Inc. * Precinct 50
Pineglades Jake Cavender Pineglades
Reserve at Carpenter’s Creek Homeowners Association Lawrence Powell Reserve at Carpenter’s Creek
Rosaflora Homeowners Association, Inc. Jim Einhart Rosaflora
Sanders Beach Neighborhood Association Kelly Hagen Sanders Beach
Scenic Heights – Tierra Verde Bree Bruni Scenic Heights
Scenic Terrace Owners Association Kevin Etheridge Scenic Terrace
Seville Neighborhood Association Drew Buchanan Seville
Seville Place Homeowner’s Association, Inc. Mike Piper Seville Place
Silverleaf Homeowners’ Association, Inc. Jay Schwartz Silverleaf
Spyglass Point Condominium Associations Jay Schwartz Spyglass Point
Summer Lakes Homeowners Association Mario Pozzo III Summer Lakes
Sunrunner Place Condominium Association, Inc. Jay Schwartz Sunrunner Place
Sugartree Homeowners Association, Inc. Ken Porter Sugartree
Tanyard Neighborhood Association Marcel Davis Tanyard
Villas on the Square Condominium Association Susan Moody Villas on the Square
Victoria Station Homeowners’ Association Beverly Tewell Victoria Station
West Pointe Heritage Neighborhood Association Orlando Woodard West Pointe Heritage
Westside Garden District Neighborhood Assoc. Kristin Brown Westside Garden District
Wexford Chase Homeowners Association Meredith McCarthy Wexford Chase
Whispers at Cordova Homeowners Association, Inc. Tom Linke Whispers at Cordova
Windchase Bay Condominium Association, Inc. * Windchase Bay
Windermere Beautification Association Bill & Pat Ottendorfer Windermere
Workman Community Improvement Neighborhood Watch Association Theresa Inge Workman
Woodland Heights Community Association Walter Wallace Woodland Heights