CNAPP Mission

The CNAPP mission is to unite all interested voluntary neighborhood associations and home owner associations within the City of Pensacola to promote the improvement of the City’s neighborhoods and to provide an active and effective forum for bringing neighborhood issues to public attention through the sharing of information.

CNAPP promotes:


CNAPP will work to promote enforcement of existing laws and codes that protect the quality of life and property in the City’s neighborhoods 


CNAPP will provide guidance and recommend changes in laws and codes based on neighborhood needs


CNAPP will report the infrastructure needs of the neighborhoods to the City Council when the City’s annual budget is being developed


CNAPP will facilitate open discussion between neighborhood leadership and city administration


CNAPP will be a platform to exchange information that aids neighborhood leaders in strengthening their individual associations

The CNAPP organization’s intent is to be a constructive and inclusive entity, striving to ensure voices are collected from all participating neighborhoods.